The team of S. Yeralan, D. Durmus, and C. Sonmez won the Grand Science Slam championship held on April 26, 2016.  Grand Slam is a competition where the winners of the regional Science Slams compete for the national title.  The national competition was the first ever of its kind, and was held at the summer residence of the German Ambassador in Istanbul.

Grand Science Slam 2016

Science Slam competitions, organized by Professor Peschke and supported by the German Embassy and several industrial partners, are popular science competitions where contestants are given 10 minutes to present a scientific topic in an entertaining fashion.  The contestants are evaluated by the audience for content, educational value, and the entertainment aspect. The event, enjoyed by the audience of all ages, attracted much media attention and TV coverage.

The team won first place and a trip to Berlin with their presentation "A bit of time, a bit of entropy."  Their presentation was enriched by a constant video that ran parallel to the on-stage dialog, experimentation, and audience involvement.  During the discussions on the reversibility of some physical phenomena, for example, Dr Yeralan played a tune backwards on the harmonica, while Ms Durmus recorded and reversed the recording to reveal the song otherwise familiar to all. At the end, Dr Yeralan engaged in a heated debate with himself in the video feed.

A cocktail party followed the event at the beautiful Tarabya residence (historical pictures) of the Ambassador on the Bosphorus.