Pseudo-Scientific Mumbo Jumbo Generator


The mumbo jumbo are randomly constructed by combining phrases picked from the file psMJ.txt.  The process is explained here, from which the phrases were taken: 

You may implement your own phrases by modifying the text file psMJ.txt. 

The code was written on the day of the autumnal equinox, September 22, 2009, using theGeany IDE and GTK+2.0 libraries for the Linux GNOME desktop, on a laptop computer running Ubuntu 9.04.   Download the source and the binary here.

ARL was written as an accompaniment to a conference paper given at the 32nd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering. ARL stands for "average run length," a topic that pertains to statistical quality control.

DelEmptyDirs is a utility that scans hard drives or a given root directory. It looks for empty directories, i.e., directories that do not contain any files. It allows you to select a subset of these directories and delete them, either permanently or to the "Recycle Bin."

BEI evaluates a set of Boolean expressions. It was written as a teaching aid to illustrate the operating principles of flip-flops and relay logic control.

FreeCellFreeCellScore lets you change the scores (cheat) reported by the Windows(TM) FreeCell game. The Windows FreeCell stores the scores in the registry under the current user. This program alters the registry.

FreeCellScore is written with Visual C++ (download source code ). As a general rule, directly manipulating the registry is not recommended. Be mindful if you modify and use the source.