Dr Yeralan was a keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Sustainable Life in Manufacturing (SLIM 2010) that was held on June 24-26, in Egirdir, Turkey.  A conference program , as well as more information is available on the conference web site.  The presentation is available as a single PDF document.

Lake  Egirdir

Lake Egirdir

Lake Egirdir



Dr. Yeralan was a speaker at the TEDx Bosphorus Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

His talk focuesed on the process by which technologies develop, and the reciprocal relations between the social impact of new technologies and the process of technology development.  He gave examples from significant historical milestones.



ART TVS. Yeralan and S. Mutlu appeared on the ART TV morning show on June 23, 2009 to discuss.  The talk included aspects of the courseware being developed by Dr Yeralan at METU with the support of TUBITAK (Program 2221) and the University of Florida and Ms Mulu's comments on the course IE 499 from the students' perspective.


S. Yeralan

Dr. Yeralan is invited by the Zhengzhou University to give a series of seminars on sustainability.  The seminars will take place during the last week in June, 2009.

The first talk will be on Monday, June 29, 2009, at 9:AM.  The introductory talk will be an overview of sustainability.  It is intended to be a self-contained module.  In this respect, it is recommended that those who can attend the seminars for only one day participate in the introductory seminar.

An outline schedule of the talks is given below.

Day Morning (9:00 AM - 12:00 noon)
Afternoon (2:00 to 4:00 PM)
Monday Introductory seminar Examples, technological singularity
Tuesday The history of trade and industry, globalization,
Environmental cycles, climate, environmental ethics.
Analytical model, discussions
Wednesday Energy, exergy, emergy,  international treaties, the
carbon exchange, virtual water.
Complex systems, modeling
Thursday Examples, discussions.  Review


S. Yeralan and S. Pasoglu appeared on the ART TV morning show on May 5, 2009 to introduce the topic of sustainability.  The talk included Ms Pasoglu's recent trip to attend functions of the G20 meeting in London, as well the courseware being developed by Dr Yeralan at METU with the support of TUBITAK (Program 2221) and the University of Florida.

Sencer Yeralan visited Gobeklitepe, a neolithic site in northern Mesopotamia where the oldest known stone pillars are found.  The T-shaped pillars are believed to be from the 10th Millennium BC, making them about 11,500 years old.


As in Stonehenge, the pillars are arranged in a circular fashion.  There are actually several sets of concentric circular arrangements at Gobeklitepe. The site is considerably older than the 5,000-year-old Stonehenge.  In fact, if builders of Stonehenge were to view Gobeklitepe, they would have found the pillars to be older than how old we now find Stonehenge to be.  Gobeklitepe is singularly interesting because it is believed to be built by hunter-gatherers, not by a settle agrarian society.  

This site is being excavated by Professor Klaus Schmidt from the University of Heidelberg (seen below left).  Although an English translation is not yet released, the 2006 book by Professor Schmidt, Sie bauten die ersten Tempel. Das rätselhafte Heiligtum der Steinzeitjäger (ISBN 3-406-53500-3) is the authoritative source for the findings.

Professor Klaus Schmidt

As an observer, Sencer Yeralan was invited to attend the "Underwater Science Camp" organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey . The camp trains recent graduates and young academicians in disciplines such as biology, geology, and archeology to extend their field work to underwater sites. The camp took place between 7-12 July, 2008 in Kas, Turkey. Kas was an ideal place for the camp, retaining some of the most pristine coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea.



Classmates Erdinc Sayan and Sencer Yeralan, with help from assistant producer E. Selvi Gok, are producing and hosting the program Bilim ve Toplum (Science and Society) on their alma mater station Radyo ODTU (Radio METU).


The program is broadcast at 12:30 PM on Sundays.  The broadcast is available as streaming audio and, locally in Ankara, at 103.1 MHz on the FM dial.